This bootcamp aims at turning you into a hireable frontend developer, and help you learn on how to get started with a career in web development with 12 weeks of live coding tutorials, multiple coding challenges, and bunch of real-world projects.

✔️ Program

The program duration is 12 weeks.  You'll learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VueJs, UI design, career strategy, and more.

  1. HTML & CSS basics
  2. Making websites interactive
  3. CSS & JavaScript fundamentals
  4. Responsive design
  5. Working with APIs
  6. Building apps with Flexbox and Grid
  7. Learn UI Design
  8. VueJs Basics
  9. Vuex
  10. Capstone Project

⛳ Why this course?

The Bootcamp aims to teach you everything from scratch to become a Frontend developer. That includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VueJs, UI Design, career advice and more.

⏳ When Does The Bootcamp Start?

The Bootcamp starts 5 June, 2021. The Bootcamp, is completely online, so you can study during the weekends, alongside your other commitments. That said, we recommend that you practice as often as possible to give yourself the best chance of progressing.

❤️ Is This Bootcamp Really Free?

YES. Absolutely. Our aim at Arriqaaq is to enable people, by helping them learn new skills which will help in their overall holistic development (both in deen and dunya). Our Diploma course is one such example. We hope to please Allah by helping people with our skillset and capabilities.

⏳ How Does It Work?

Live classes will be held on weekends (10 am IST - 11.30 am IST), on Zoom. Weekly coding challenges will help you in practicing what you've learnt during the week.

🤝 Where Can I Ask For help?

Learning to code is a community activity, which is why we've set up our Discord server - a place where you can meet fellow coders, share your code problems and solutions, and network. Just go to this link: to sign up.

👋 Meet Your Instructor

This course will be taught by Farhan Khan along with a bunch of industry experts working in the UI/UX.

✉️ Register Now

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©️ How Can You Help?

If you know someone who would benefit from this course, and it can uplift and enable them, please share it with those interested.

Note: If there is an aspirant who wants to take this course up, but has no access to a computer because of their financial condition, mail us and we can sponsor you a Raspberry Pi inshaAllah. We'd love to sponsor someone who wants to learn and make a living out of this. Contact Us.