You’re probably reading dozens of articles on healthy lifestyle and eating, found it hard to follow a diet plan, and you’re tired of reading the same content over and over again! Sounds familiar?

Yes, we’ve been there too. Precisely why we aim to do this differently.

🍓 So, what is Arriqaaq Health?

Glad you asked! Arriqaaq Health (a project by Arriqaaq) is an online resource that aims to provide advice (and counselling) on the aspects of health and nutrition. Good nutrition is one of the keys to a healthy life.

Narrated Ibn `Abbas:The Prophet (ﷺ) said: "There are two blessings that many people are deceived into losing: health and free time." [Bukhari]

‍🍊 Our Goal

We’ve seen nutritionists (and health experts) that write 'impractical' content; stuff that’s hard to follow in reality.

Healthy living’ means maintaining a healthy lifestyle and introducing habits that improve our health. It makes us productive and optimistic It can be difficult to change old habits, but there are easy steps one can take to become healthier.

We aim to bring content from experts in the field of nutrition and share tips on Healthy living (in light of Prophetic Medicine and Modern Medical Research) which can help us in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And also free live consultation from expert(s), inshaAllah!

All practical doable stuff, no impracticable advice.

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Arriqaaq Health
Healthy Living, Nutrition and Well-being

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We do know that our body is a trust from Allah, and it is a religious obligation to take care of it.

Good health = Strong Muslim. Strong Muslim = Strong, Productive, Healthy Society.

Dive into a wholesome ocean of healthy ideas and discover how to upgrade your health!

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