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Arriqaaq ย is an online creative space for authentic islamic articles, courses, competitions, arts and crafts, projects that inspire, as well as reflection around education, islam, lifestyle and technology.

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๐Ÿก Who are we?

A group of friends, parents, seekers of knowledge, living countries apart, but connected by the love for sunnah, with a goal of serving humanity with dignity, care, love, compassion and most of all to bring a positive change in people's lives.

Arriqaaq grew out of a grassroots effort from within our local community that was focused initially on spreading the right aqeedah and knowledge. With a zeal to spread the correct knowledge and raise the next generation upon the correct aqeedah and manners, we hope to put our knowledge, passion for creativity, and skills to use, hoping Allah accept it from us, and benefits and inspires you readers inshaAllah. We truly believe that the correct Daโ€™wah is from the Book and the Sunnah, to the Book and Sunnah, and our Aqeedah is likewise.

โค๏ธ Our Goal

Implementation of beneficial knowledge and establishing righteous and correct action, this is a very great affair which the Muslims cannot reach, except through the methodology of tasfiyah (purification and correction) and tarbiyah (education and cultivation). These being two very great obligations which are needed to rectify the affairs of our current generation. With out projects, we target to:

1) Purify the Islamic Aqeedah from that which is alien to it, such as shirk, refusing authentic ahadith etc, as these are connected to the matters of Aqeedah.โ€‹

2) Purify the Islamic fiqh from erroneous judgements which are contrary to the Quran and the Sunnah, freeing the minds from the fetters of bilnd-following and the darkness of sectarianism.

3) Purify the raqaaiq (matters concerning the heart) through advices from our salaf with the help of authentic narrations.โ€‹

4) Cultivate the young generation upon this Islam, purified from all that is mentioned, giving to them a correct Islamic education from the start - nurturing them on the correct islamic education so that they become good servants of the society.

5) Help our community in the field of education, science and technology.โ€‹

6) Conduct activities which include, but are not limited to, environmental, social, advocacy and human rights work. Promote social change on a broad scale and play a critical part in developing society, spreading awareness of climate crisis and improving communities.

โœจ Quality Islamic Education is everyone's right

We believe in a free, world-class islamic education for anyone, anywhere. Weโ€™re a diverse team that has come together to work on an audacious mission: to provide world-class islamic education for anyone, anywhere. We are educators, developers, teachers, students of knowledge, doctors, designers, scientists, and content specialists who passionately believe in inspiring the muslim ummah to learn and understand the religion the correct way, under the guidance of scholars.

A few skilled people together can make a big difference.

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