Ahlan wa sahlan! We are so happy to launch our first activity book for kids. This book has been in the making for long, and by Allah's grace we were able to complete it. We stay committed to providing our resources to the community for the sake of Allah alone, and this is one more step along the way. May Allah bless the sisters involved.

Yes, this book is free to download :)

Learning a new language can be difficult, add to that the overwhelmingness of learning new vocabulary. This is where our inspiration came from, to create a book which projects Arabic letters and words into daily objects, thereby creating illustrations that you can instantly understand and remember just by looking at it.

🎨 About the Book

The ‘My Arabic Alphabets’ Colouring Activity Book introduces the Arabic alphabet in a fun and engaging way. It is designed for preschoolers in order to introduce them to the Arabic alphabets. This is a simple and fun way of learning the Arabic alphabet that encourages preschoolers to engage into the language and develop their fine creativity skills.

Here's a quick look inside.

📕 Features

☆ Colouring

The aim of the book is to engage kids into the letters by allowing them enough area to colour (into the word or the complete page itself!)

☆ Playful Visualization

Each letter (and the corresponding word) is morphed into daily objects, thereby creating illustrations that you can instantly understand and remember just by looking.

☆ BIG Arabic Text

So it’s easier for kids to read the text when they shift from letter to letter.

☆ Alphabets

The alphabets have been segregated separately so that the kids can understand and read them out clearly

☆ Easy translation

Learn vocabulary with the letters! We've chosen words which are easy to visualise and memorise. What a fun way to learn a new language! Just listen to this cute recording!


🖌️ How To Use This Book

  1. Print the pdf out on white A3/A4 paper
  2. Bind it at your local stationery shop
  3. Remember to set your printer for ‘borderless’ and ‘two sided’ for binding.
  4. Allow your child to use colourful marker pens or scissors to colour, cut and stick the alphabets as they wish.

✔️ What you need

  • Printed form of this Book
  • Preschooler and Parent/Guardian
  • Pencil, rubber, pencil colours, scissors, glue

🏡 Fun Game Activities

  1. Flashcards: Get an alphabet flashcards (provided in the print) and lay them out on the table/floor and let your child match them together.
  2. Colouring: Cut out letters on sand paper and let your child colour them with their fingers
  3. Cut-outs: Cut and stick the coloured letters on sand paper or on a colourful card, and stick the letters on legos or any toys that they have, or on fridge magnets.
  4. Wheel-of-Letters: Stick a plain alphabet on a shape wheel each on a piece of card and on a separate piece of paper stick the visualised words and stick them to a peg and ask your child to match it to the correct image

🏡 Download

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🤝 Contributors

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