Join us for a discussion on the COVID-19 Crisis In India with Doctors currently facing it on the frontlines.

Topics Of Discussion

How to use Oxygen, Proning Techniques, When to use Remedisivir, Vaccines, How To Help Others and more.

Time & Location

Date: Sunday, May 02
Time: 2 PM IST
Live on Zoom

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About The Doctors

Dr Nabil is an Emergency physician from Chennai, India, currently doing a Fellowship in University hospital Southampton, UK. He has been working in the Covid ICU since the start of this Pandemic.

Dr Zeeshan Ghani is a MBBS with a Masters in Emergency Medicine, currently doing FRCEM (Fellowship in the Royal College of Emergency Medicine) in the UK. He works at the Birmingham City Hospital.

About The Podcast

DocTalk Podcast aims to bring to you authentic medical information on a range of topics. On this podcast, we will share information related to common medical conditions and how to seek treatment for them. We will bust myths and empower you with facts. We intend to bring together specialist doctors into your home and equip you to better care for your family.

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